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Our Steps to Search potential resource for you:

The recruitment & selection are the major function of the human resource department and recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the recruitment strategic advantage for the organizations. Recruitment process involves a systematic procedure from sourcing the candidates to arranging and conducting the interviews and requires many resources and time.


We don’t follow traditional consultancy models, We support our clients with entry-level Post graduates, Graduates and experienced professionals which serve their specific requirements through various professional networking sites, different job portals & through Social media to reach prospective requirements of our clients. Our professionals have the credentials, hands-on experience, and deep-industry expertise to assist our clients with their skills and commitment. We know our clients requirement and cater them as per their timeline and provide them results with their specific needs.


We help our clients to hire individuals with leadership potential, integrity, a sharp analytical mind, creativity, and the ability to work with people at all levels in an organization. We follow different approach to cater the need of our clients as we segregate professional in three categories and target on 20 % best performers, 70% moderate performers & ignore who are in the lower category of 10% in their performance in their current organization.


A general recruitment process we follow to serve our clients better:

  • Research on Client organization:  we research about our client organization to join them and provide them the customized service as per their requirement.

  • Understanding their requirement: we meet our clients and understand their requirement which help us to adopt different strategies and action plan to fulfill their requirement. 

  • Create and follow target plan: Keeping in mind the client requirement, our team explores their requirement in different social media and professional networking which help us to reach right person for right job.

  • Evaluation:  once we found right candidates, we evaluate them with the aim of determining a detailed profile match with the job and understand the suitability & interest of candidates.

  • Interviews:  once we evaluate the right candidates, we take initial round of interviews with consent of client and process them for face to face round for further selection process.

  • Reference Checks: we conduct reference check through various sources and if required by client we will conduct background check through authorized agencies for the selected candidates.

  • Post Recruitment follow up: we follow up with the candidates and client to check the satisfaction level of client and candidates and to get feedback on selection process which will help us to redesign our methods of hiring.


We are working across India and have a proficient team who can understand & study the required profile to act accordingly for placing right candidate as per your domain with allocated budget & suitability.


We have our expertise in: 

▪Engineering/ Power / Wind Mill Sector 

▪ IT-Hardware & Networking 

▪ IT-Software & Software Services 

▪ Education/Teaching/ Training 

▪ Telecom & Wireless 


▪ Advertising Industry/PR/MR/Events 

▪ Banking/Financial Services/Broking 

▪ Pharmaceuticals / Healthcare Sector 

▪ Electricals / Mechanicals / Instrumentation 

▪ Construction / Infrastructure / Projects 

▪ Auto-mobile Industry 

▪ Industrial Products / Heavy Machinery 

▪ FMCG / Retailing 

▪ Logistics Sector 

▪ Printing & Packaging 

▪ Chemical / Petrochemical


We do Conduct campus placements from the premier graduate and Post graduate colleges based on the requirement of our clients.


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We have customized solutions based on your specific needs

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Priority Based hiring through various channels

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Hiring Through Push & Pull Marketing

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Over a Decade Experience

Over a decade Experience in Permanent staffing

Are you looking to Hire Permanent Employees to your company?

If you are looking to Hire one resource or you have hundreds to close (Bulk Hiring). Working with Kulaja is the right choice to make; we at Kulaja will be offering the best Permanent staffing services with same commitment and priority whether it is one or hundred.

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